Credits for Prior Learning

Clackamas Community College’s Credit for Prior Learning program can award college credit for knowledge and skills acquired outside the classroom.

For more information, contact Advising at 503-594-3475.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Conditions *Start Here*

  1. No more than 25% of degree or certificate requirements can be satisfied by CPL.

  2. Departments may exempt courses from CPL.

  3. Credit for a course is granted on the recommendation of a faculty member approved to teach that course.

  4. The recommending faculty member approves the awarding of credit for a particular course based on either:

    1. A direct assessment by the faculty member of a student’s achievement (this might include consideration of how a student performed on external assessments); OR

    2. Department/program guidelines. Faculty will propose departmental standards for granting students credit for an acceptable level of performance on externally administered assessment(s). If such guidelines have been adopted and published by the department, credit will be granted based on the guidelines.

  5. To earn credit, a student must, at a minimum, document achievement of the student learning outcomes associated with the course at a level similar to a student passing the course with a grade of C or better. (Departments may set this threshold higher at their discretion.)

  6. Only enrolled students can receive CPL. To be considered an “enrolled student” at CCC for this purpose, a student must either:

    1. Complete a minimum of 3 non-CPL credits at CCC during the quarter in which CPL is requested; OR

    2. Have received a minimum of 12 non-CPL credits from CCC in previous terms.

  7. Departments may use any combination of the following formats to assess and document student competencies in order to decide whether CPL credit should be granted:

    1. CCC-administered assessments: Portfolio, Challenge Exam (produced by department), Performance Assessment (produced by department), or any combination of these

    2. Externally administered postsecondary assessments (such as CLEP), ACE transcripted credit, or industry certification

    3. Externally administered secondary assessments, such as Advanced Placement (AP) Exam or International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam

  8. How CPL credit is graded and transcripted:

    1. Successfully earned CPL will be noted with a grade of either A-C or Pass at the department’s discretion.

    2. Credits earned via CPL will always include a CPL notation on the student’s transcript.

  9. Students may request CPL for the same course more than once.

  10. Students may not request CPL for a course they have already taken or received transfer credit for at CCC.

  11. CPL credit will not be covered by financial aid funds or tuition waivers.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Portfolio Procedure:

  1. Student completes Section 1 of the CPL Portfolio form.

  2. Student submits the form to the designated CPL evaluator from the academic department in which CPL is requested. The CPL evaluator will inform the student whether CPL is available according to department/program guidelines.

  3. Enrollment Services will contact the student once the course has been approved and created so they can pay, register, and receive a grade.

Portfolio CPL costs: $50 flat fee per course plus ½ of the current tuition per credit.

NWCG & FEMA Courses

Clackamas Community College can grant credit for prior learning* for the following courses:

  • NWCG Classes Include: S-130 - S-390; L-180 and L-280; RX-301, RX-310, RX-341 and RX-410; M-410

  • FRP-200 Basic Incident Command System (I-100, I-200, IS-700, IS-800) 4 credits

  • FRP-294 Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS-300) 2 credits

  • FRP-295 Advanced ICS (ICS-400) 1 credit

*All CPL conditions must be met prior to obtaining credits