Language Skills Assessment

Prompt and efficient communication between incident personnel is mandatory for safe and effective performance on the fireline as identified in the Fire Orders, the Watchout Situations, and LCES.

To ensure language proficiency, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) requires all crew bosses and squad bosses to pass the Language Skills Assessment.

The assessment is in two parts. The first is an oral assessment where the firefighter is asked questions verbally and must answer in either English or Spanish as requested. The second part is a written exam. The firefighter is given an Incident Action Plan (IAP) and must extract the answers to the questions from the plan. CCC offers several LSAs each spring and early summer.

LSA Offerings

At this time, all workshops will be held via ZOOM. In person deliveries can be done if student requirements are met and a contract is in place.

For more information or to register, email Danielle Folliard at